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Name: Karin
Cuál es mi edad: 54
Cuál es mi etnia: Soy eslovaco
Mi orientación: Recto
Cómo es el color de mi pelo: Rubia de fresa
Características de la figura: Los rasgos de mi figura son delgados
Bebida favorita: Brandy
Cuáles son mis aficiones: Colección de

Peter Nichols pootie Corruption of pussy. Chief Lynch whistled. Black River Falls. Joseph Wambaugh stones Originally West end tranny backpage standarduse, but now slang.

I said, 'No, baby, nothing doing. Culver City. Women are always at their randiest during a period. Deerfield Beach. Someone who had appeared on educational TV was shooting off into her mouth!

Eden Mills. And the walls! Sabe a todo lo bueno Oh, Dios mio! Me estremeci al pensar en toda esa basura, las resacas de madrugada Single words barf, boke, chunder and spew can also be used, like puke, as nouns.

A word meaning to perform fellatio. Is that the onlyreason he wasinterested in me?

Le dijo que estaba con la regla, pero eso no enfrio su pasidn lo mas minimo. Burnt Hills. Cada vez con menor frecuencia era sentia su lengua en mi clitoris o su polla sobre mis nalgas. Beautiful Girls muff From the alleged resemblance between the pubic hair and a fur muff.

Laval nuevo sexo says, Doc, I ve got this terrible pain in my peter. Some faggot queer got the hots for my t at the cartoons.

Dearborn Heights. Es rosado y muy sensible. Su vello empez6 a irritarme la polla. I got a limber whang. Reaches over another guy and grabs me by the t. Tu vieja esta con la regla? Estaba nervioso. It takes five bucks worth of steak to replace that jizz.

Yeah, a lavo in a club in Slater Street. She was in and out of her chalet every half hoar with a different bloke. The whole song is a metaphor for big dicks.

Charles Bukowski scum US You'd be surprised how many people like to do it in the back of the taxi. Saco el pijo y empezo a mear.

Chevy Chase. Clarks Mills.

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Barton Creek. Siempre habia alguien entrando y saliendo para echar una meada. Estabamos los dos empapados en sudor. Philip Roth schlong, shlong US Yiddish. Her Anuncio de sexo personal boasts a dozen identical snapshots of a bearded, burly man.

Gets a guy all horny just lookin' at you. Alan Beretta goolies Apparently derived from Hindustani gol, a ball.

Aldous Huxley 3. Clifton Park. Bel Air. Berkeley Heights. East Texas. East Aurora. I felt like puking. Finally, I mounted. Young supple breasts, a tight firm ass, and an uncharted pootie.

To be obscene, I must stimulate you sexually. Tengo un hueso en la picha de quince centimetros, Voy a alisarte todas las arrugas del cono. The clit came out and I touched it gently again and again.

Daily Mirror tail US Often used in figurative phrases like work one s tail off, run one s tail off.

(PDF) Fortunatae_pdf | FORTUNATAE Revista Canaria de Filología, Cultura y Humanidades clásicas -

David Mamet. William Styron dork US Perhaps a variant of dirk, a dagger. Blue Bell. You sit down, have a good wholesome crap, then discover there's no bloody bog-roll.

Druid Hills. That was what she craved. You've seen it in back of radiators in Milner Hotels. Martin heard the boys voices saying, Look! Byron Center. That s all.

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Central Islip. Cortlandt Manor. Awet R 24 siega el césped de una comunidad club house en Briesen, Alemania, 12 de agosto de BA Clubs. Puedes raspario, pero siempre quedara una marca negra.

Clever too. You ve got an asshole, I ve got an asshole. Bear River City.

Copalis Crossing. Se puso malo y se fue al cagadero.

William Styron Johnson Arbitrary use of the surname Johnson. Why is this unmentionable garment so sexy? That was a job I didn't forget. It s where the feeling is. Still can t get over the fantastic idea that when you are looking at a girl, you are looking at somebody who is guaranteed to have on her — a cunt!

Solo has de rozarlo con la punta de la lengua. I ve had it up to my keister with these leaks, he declared.

Cleveland Heights. I went through all that. Probably somebody had been murdered Laval nuevo sexo was on the rag or was having a screaming fit, and this was Darlene's chance to dance solo again.

College Point. An offensive term for a male homosexual. Look, I said, once wewere out of the store, a little shopping advice; when you go off to do something so very simple as exchanging money for goods, it isn t necessary to flash your snatch at everyone this side of the horizon.

La puerta estaba cerca de los lavabos. Craftsbury Common. They needed a code word to yell to other newsmen and friendly policemen and firemen and so on, to let them know what could be seen, in case they wanted to see it.

You, Mary Jane! I'd like to be reckless and do something exciting. Solo una enorme polla y pensaba que era lo unico que habia que tener. East Foothills. Donde estara ahora aquel calido cono tuyo, aquellas gruesas y pesadas ligas, aquellos muslos suaves y turgentes?

Give me time. Chino Hills. Jane escupio en la alfombra. East Whiteland. Derivatives are snotty, snot-nosed, and snotty-nosed mocoso, lleno de mocos, estirado.

Now there he is, no door, just side walls around the toilet and everybody walks in can see him, including little kids. But your period — your 'monthly flowers' as they called them in the days of Vigee-Lebrun and Mujeres calientes en Searcy ar Labille-Guiard, your 'perennial visitor', your fall from the roof —is long overdue.

East Setauket. What man in his right mind would want tits? Baby Ruth, cack, cow pucky, dead soldier, doo-doo, duty, hockey, horse dumpling, meadow dressing, night soil, plot, yackum 4.

But in the moonlight, on the ground next to the front passenger door, I could make out a great livid patch of chunder. East Elmhurst. You could see the pubic hair but not the sex parts.

William Styron pick up To form a casual friendship with a view to sexual inter- course. Briarcliff Manor. Los pelos de su cono eran largos, rizados y enredados. Sentfa ganas de vomitar. Out of one of his nostrils streamed a nearly invisible thread of snot that had finally gathered into a little gleaming ball.

Whereas without batting an eye a man will refer to his dick or his rod or his Johnson. Well, this time — nothing. Coal Center. They reckon she can smoke a cheroot in her minge.

Looks like bas-relief wood-glue. California City. My cock entered halfway. Erica Jong www. Sent a lock of my snatch-hair off in an envelope to Marlon Brando. East Orange. No es una ópera, sino un edificio utilizado para eventos de la comunidad operado por un booster club local.

East Point. Me volvi y vi un pastor aleman, Wen crecido, con su hocico debajo de mi culo. It's like being one of those union employees who won't move a sheet of paper from one side of the desk to the other if it's not in their contract.

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No, no, and no. Delray Beach. Here's how I know I'm getting old — I haven't seen any girls that really stimulate me, that look good to me.

East Hardwick. Will you still love me when I m old and grey and the tip of my willy turns blue?

East Haven. A veces, incluso se metian las sustancias quimicas nocivas por el agujero del culo. Entonces repose sobre ella. San angelo escort back it means toilet paper, but sometimes it refers simply to paper of poor quality.

Atlantic City. I shuddered at the thought of all that garbage, the morning hangovers Trate de lavarme los dientes pero lo unico que consegui fue vomitar de nuevo. Jane gobbed on the carpet. Tania inundandote de esperma.

Finalmente, la monte. East Hills. Probablemente alguna habia sido asesinada o Masturbar a las mujeres la regla o habia tenido un ataque de histeria y esta habia sido la oportunidad para Darlene de volver a bailar sola.

Only I'm www. Entonces senti algo que me hurgaba en la entrepierna, iba subiendohaciaarriba. I grabbed a handful. You can flake it off, but the black mark will always be there. Se ve en la parte de atras de los radiadores en los Hoteles Milner.

What sort of shitehouse are you wankers running here anyway? Ja, your viggly penis, Lebowski. She s copped every t in Albuquerque.

Se erigid el clitoris y lo acaricie con ternura, una y Speed dating hobart vez.

That's what obscene is — the prurient interest: if I get you horny. East Grand Rapids. But perhaps he found that offensive. East Pittsburgh. East Greenville. Me sofoque de deseo, aperdido en los espasmos de una concupiscencia provocada por el alcohol, conocido al menos en ese dia, por el nombre de 'resacon calenton'.

Baby, do you think you have any lipstick left on your mouth after three or four of those flossy fatcats from Brentwood with those limp little peters make you suck your eyes crossed?

The jacket's ruined. And he sits down on the pot and reaches down in the toilet water and after he unwraps it he starts splashing cold water up on his dong.

You been kissing Anastasia, you better go swallow a drugstore and I ain t kidding. Brigham City.

I pulled away. East Rockaway. She's on her back, her legs are in the air, she's coming like a choo-choo and she's screaming 'don't stop. In parts of the upper South they call it a dong or a tool.

Blue Eye. Blue Tonawanda escort 24. Blue Point. Joseph Wambaugh chat up -hgar, enrrollarse con To chat someone up is to engage in flirtatious conversation with that person and usually to make sexual advances.

Philip Roth. With tiny white panties, riding up a little so you could see one whole cheek. Beacon Falls. Then I pulled it out and rubbed the clit.

Era la peor mamada que me habfan hecho nunca. You re the one that s square. East Cleveland. Chester Heights. In context, however, some may seem more comical than others. Those bastards! East Meadow. He s facing upward, and you put honey all over his balls and pecker, and you cut off his eyelids so he has to stare at the sun till he dies.

The clit hides, you see, it comes out when it s excited enough. Two cheeks. No, that was worse. I don't know if you noticed, but cum leaves streaks if you don't clean it right away. Nos enrollamos y entonces le lleve a casa. Half of my relatives do not think bathroom humor is funny. De uno de los orificios de su nariz caia un casi invisible hilillo de moco que finalmente se recogia en una pelotilla brillante.

Joe Orton wang US He was lying on his back. Camp H. Camp Springs.

Chesapeake City. His philosophy was: Grab them by the nuts, their heartsand minds will follow.

Calaméo - Ingles Prohibido

Dunn Loring. El mundoesta repleto de millones de anos. An uncountable noun, unlike its synonyms, snot is used with a singular verb.

East Rutherford. Christ only knows what he's doing in there.

Algun maric6n se encono con mi polla en los dibujos animados. That's the kind of shared experience that cements a friendship. I think I'm going to throw up. Cliffside Park. Me arrime a ella. I saw two cheeks. Courtney Weaver the rag -la regla, el penodo, compresa A euphemistic term denoting a sanitary towel, sometimes made more specific and less euphemistic, as in the final example below.

East Rancho Dominguez. It is often used derogatorily to mean official documents, as in the third example. Milton keynes lee tranny que aguantar los pedos de aquellas enfermeras culigordas.

Ya sabes la forma en que los hombres se enrollan y entonces, con la mano en el eorazon, dicen: 'Hay algo que te tengo que deck Helen Fielding make a pass To make an amorous advance.

The other was partly covered. Cambridge Springs. Men are more sentimental than women. A word meaning testicles. Coral Gables. In each instance, he is naked but for a computer icon, a space-age fig leaf, covering his privates.

Soon it got wet and began to open. That s what I would do. Buena Vista. Conneaut Lake. Youonly have to touch it with the tip of your tongue.

James Laffan www. Dobbs Ferry. Airplane boke Scots, Irish Noun as well as verb. Campbell Hall. Saco el panuelo de su bolso y escupio en el como si estuviera expectorando algo.

Corrio en largos y amarillos riachuelos por el suelo de la cocina. Big Oak Flat. I found a tit and cupped my hand on it and rolled it around.

He is cunt-struck, that's all. Pussy was on the tip of my tongue.

Then he Crucero gay rhodes adelaide out the feather and tickles his balls and when all this is done he's able to take a leak, which he does sitting down, and then he leaves.

I'm covered in that rotten bastard's spew. The word itself makes some men uncomfortable. Chester Springs. Casi no nos queda. Philip Roth John Thomas Arbitrary use of a male name. Mi polla se puso como una roca al contacto de su firme trasero.

Her mouth smelled of puke. Chadds Ford. Deer Creek. Cunts — for fucking! Tus supuestas partes intimas!

Your old lady on the rag? I didn't come'. Bar Harbor. Mama mia! They all have cunts! I remember him, the randy cunt. San angelo escort back didn t know no better.

Properly, the foreskin of a penis after it has been removed, but generally applied to the penis as a whole. Can you be —at forty-four— pregnant? East Springfield. Vacant eyes. I put my finger inside.

Are you a Marrickville Girl Make Love He simply cannot — Darwin girls snapchat names not — control the fires in his putz, the fevers in his brain.

Makes me wanna barf. Brookline Village. Bajo sobre casa. Crystal Hill. Casa Grande. Ed McBain parts Lydia was probably kissing some son of a bitch right now, or worse, kissing his parts. Abrio la puerta del cagadero y entro. El www. Me quite la ropa, me espatarre en mitad de la cama y me tire un pedo.

Su cono era muy estrecho. You could never be sure. The jizz-mopper's job is to clean off the glass after each guy shoots a load.

Cedar Hills. East Weymouth. American Beauty. She s a good sort. From The Choirboys by Joseph Wambaugh www.

Boynton Beach. City Of Industry. Colorado City. Kurt Vonnegut Jr. This loop of paper guaranteed Dwayne that he need have no fear that corkscrew-shaped little animals would crawl up his asshole and eat up his wiring.

She does throw up a lot. Finalmente me com. Pasar de toda esa mierda. I carefully peeled back the sheet to peek at his pecker. And I m square? Her pubes began to irritate my cock.

Bedford Hills. It slumbered now. Download Free PDF. Sin cortes Fundación. Clear Fork. De Pere. Can you imagine that? Dodge City. I could see her fanny as clear as daylight. At this point I put my hand under him and took his medium-to-large tool in my hand.

Mi verga entr6 hasta la mitad. For an ugly old son of a bitch, you ve got a lot of balls, Shesaid. Ojos ausentes. It tastes like everything good Oh my God! And did she swallow it right down, or spit it out, or get mad — tell me, what did she do with your hot come!

Buena Park. Or they had a visitor. Cherry Valley. Cave City. And he brushes it off with the toothbrush. Cedar Grove.

Ballston Lake. No me he corrido. A guy that owned a restaurant out there. Norman Keaton spew Noun as well as verb. Skip all the bullshit. An ass from out of this world.

James Laffan chunder Números de texto-segmento Even from a distance I could see he wasn't in the car.

Guardian cobblers UK Rhyming slang of cobbler s awls and balls. The word was this: Beaver! Right under their dresses! Although neither obscene nor offensive, the term and its synonyms are included here for the sake of completeness.

Eagle Pass. But that ain't the case and it's pretty hard to tell the lady her kids just have to put up with some dude propositioning them or blowing some other dude in front a them in the shithouse, ain't it, Harold? William Styron perve Austr Usually followed by at or on, meaning to ogle.

I tried to brash my teeth but only puked again — the sweetness of the toothpaste turned my stomach. De acuerdo? Auburn University. Es como ser un empleado sindicado que no mueve un folio de un lado del despacho al otro si no esta por escrito en su contrato.

The ball had settled in the moustache and was gathering to drip off. Despues de esa cena, tuvo cagalera durante un mes.

Cherry Hill. Su boca olia a vomito. Coconut Creek. Less and less was his tongue felt on my clit or his cock on my buttocks. Ballocksfor instance, was, from the llth century, simply the usual term for testicles the reassuringly Latinate term that is nowacceptablebut somehow, bybecame improper.

Once she starts Andrew came. Dania Beach. They don t like hearing it and find it difficult to say. East Richmond Heights. Crest Park. Bethel Park.

If they re my height, maybe.


There is a bone in my prick six inches long, I will ream out every wrinkle in your cunt, Tania, big with seed. Devolvi el apreton de Sophie con la presion torpe del amor no correspondido, y me di cuenta al hacerlo que estaba tan cachondo que mis huevos me habian empezado a doler.

Your supposedly private parts! His knackers were superb. Andrews Air Force Base. Drexel Hill. Para ser obsceno, tengo que estimularte sexualmente. Last thing every night, I have to clean the scum off the back Carbondale il milf personals. Bryn Mawr.

Budd Lake. Y se lo trago, o lo escupio, o se puso furiosa? We kissed. Bay Harbor Islands.

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Columbia City. East Greenbush. Need an ? Costa Mesa.

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Que manera mas deprimente de trabajar! I was scared. Is that so terrible? Diamond Bar. Dingmans Ferry. Cutler Bay. Daly City. Gabriella T. The pressure to be a big strong man.

Alan Beretta rear Euphemistic. Del Rey. Del Rio. Del Valle. Se lo agarre". Carneys Point. Broken Bow. Brook Park. No Necesito una chica local cachonda para divertirme te olvide comprar un poco de papel higienico.

Maybe he was 3. Charles Bokowski. Charles Bukowski. He could hardly sit down, his can was hurting him so much.

There's no reason a kid can't enjoy David Lean's film of 'Great Expectations' and the fart and booger jokes in 'Dumb and Dumber.

Joseph Wambaugh willy UK Some drunkard was caterwauling in the street. Dove Valley. As she bent over. You missed AIDS. I sighed.

It was very tight. Arden Hills. Commerce City. Charles Bukowski 1. Averill Park. Jake Newington shoot US Also used as a verb, usually followed by off. No, he wasn t my gynecologist. Give us a rag, somebody. Tom Reagan knew this only too well, yet each time we met he was all over me with slabbers and smiles and secretive whispers.

Cold Spring Harbor. Babson Park. Entonces me levante y me limpie, eche un vistazo a mi obra: vaya un plato!

Chagrin Falls. El perro comenzo a mearse. Empece ajugar con su cono.

Three words meaning penis. East Lyme. Just one thing: if you're going for the big spit, stick your head out the window. Bound Brook. John Thomas! I don t want my brother coming out of that toilet with just his dick in his hands.

Carle Place. Annapolis Junction.

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Carriage Club. UK You know the way some men will chat you up and then, hand on heart, they say: 'There's something I must tell you I'm married. The best time of all! College Park. See l. Bunche Park. Uno se pone todo cachondo con solo mirarte. El dulzor de la pasta de dientes me revolvia el estomago.

Erica Jong butt US From buttocks. A man s buttocks were bared before me — a young man, young and handsome, with firm buns — and I began to flog him. She must have a cunt like Heathrow Airport. Quien ha ensenado nada? I have big tits. He Call Girls Belgaum got that big thing and he s trying to stick that big thing into her slit!

Beverly Hills. Try to identify the subject to which each group of synonyms and related terms refers. Men could be rubbed all over by a woman until their penises squirted jism into Turkish towels.

Meti el dedo dentro, luego lo saque y frote el clitoris. We have them by the gooliesand they know it. Cabin John. La chaqueta esta estropeada. If you don t do it, they re going to toss you out on your tail.

Masaje Beckenham lewisham

Bowleys Quarters. Tammiehad her head in Bobby s lap and she had her hand on his balls and then she moved it up and grabbed his cock and held his cock, and alt the time her eyes looked directly at me. William Styron es la definieion legal de 'obsceno'?

El presidente tiene un ano, el lavacoches tiene un ano, el juez y el asesino tienen anos. Bingham Farms. His great wang lay across his thigh like a salami. Coal Run Village. I pushed up against her warm tail and was asleep in 45 seconds. Laval nuevo sexo Heights.

Bunker Hill. Three words meaning toilet. John Ogilby chuck up Every Saturday night, on his way back from the pub, he would chuck up his week's wages on the pavement. East Islip. Black Mountain. Deer Park. Her nipples were erect. Sophie had said to herself that the woman's advances just might Números de texto-segmento innocuous, but now, so close, the s of her voracious letch — first her rapid breathing and then the ripe rosiness spreading like a rash over the bestially handsome face — left no doubt about her intentions.

Apple Valley. A man with something between his legs that could tickle her, that could make her writhe in ecstasy, make her grab that bushy twat of hers with both hands and rub it joyfully, boastfully, proudly, with a sense of connection, a sense of life.

Hehad no personality. Just a big cock, and he thought that was all he needed. Don't chuck up in here. You lucked out, fucked out. El bar mas cercano tenia por lo menos cincuenta anos.

Who flashed anything? Citrus Park. I sweltered with lust, helpless in the throes of an alcohol-induced concupiscence known, at least in that day, by the name of 'the hangover hots'.

Center Valley. Cliffwood Beach. Chestnut Ridge. Jesus, she was hot! Cedar Knolls. Everybody who ate it is blowing beets.

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And who in his right mind would ever have believed that Elizabeth Taylor had the hots for Uncle Hymie? Brooklyn Heights.

Chula Vista. Tu tienes un ano, yo tengo un ano!. Baldwin Park. Her pubes were long and twisted and tangled. You walk out with those fuckin creeps and low-lifes and degenerates out on the streets and you sell your little pussy for nothing. It is used in various expressions referring to menstruation: to be on the rag, to have the rag, to ride the rag, to wear the rag, to have the rags up, etc.

American Beauty dipstick From the dipstick of a car. La pelotilla de moco se le habia quedado pegada al bigote y estaba a punto de caerse.

Canoga Park. Corona Del Mar. Corte Madera. Boca Raton. Nos besamos. Al vomitar, parte del vomito cayo en los zapatos y los calcetines.

His ankles were crossed. Es el punto sensible. Cobbs Creek. My father thought the ultimate in masculinity was to stick your chopper into anything that wore a skirt. Flash what? But read the fine print — it s a pitch for a home HIV test, and the prick in question is the kind made on a finger to get the blood sample.

Bala Cynwyd. Wasn't pretty. Cottage Grove. Capitol Heights. Center Moriches. Que hizo ella cuando te corriste?

Andrew se corrio. John www. I don t get straight I might as well become a priest! Barry Osworth bumf -papel higienico The word can have several meanings, depending on context.

Me fui corriendo al bano a vomitar. How s that? Some of those little girls and boys, eight, nine years old. Adolescentes tetonas de la bahía del norte the movies.

Cooper City. Chalk Hill. East Norriton. Damn, she s got a hairy box! Salon cheeks Used especially to refer to the two halves of the buttocks.

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I thought she'd tear the cock off me. Todavia no puedes admitir la fantastica idea de que, cuandd estas mirando a una chica, estas mirando a alguien que, sin la menor duda, posee. Coon Rapids. With one snap of hisjaws he could rip off myballs. Any violation there?

De uno de los orificios de su nariz caia un casi invisible hilillo de moco que finalmente se recogfa en una pelotilla brillante. East Boston. On the other hand, it is frequently used in a context where stronger language is likely to occur.

El clitoris se esconde, ves?

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Brooklyn Park. East Sonora. Nunca podia uno estar seguro. She stood there crying her heart out, snotters blinding her.

Con un movimiento de mandibulas me podia arrancar las pelotas. En su apogeo, tenía 8. Central Park. Tuve Modelo escort wichita falls ir a echar una meada.

East Hanover. Cedar Creek. He was unaware of her fondling his flaccid whanger. We're nearly out. Some — e. Central City. My cock leaped up against her firm bottom. Arizona City. An expression meaning to urinate.

Canyon Country. Reservoir Dogs 1. Seems to spend a lot of time publicly scratching his ballocks.

The world is full of billions of assholes, the Masaje erótico asiático en Pleasanton has an asshole, the carwash boy has an asshole, the judge and the murderer have assholes.

Sometimes they even stuffed bad chemicals up their assholes. I began to play with her cunt. Center Line.

And his dick's all wrapped in rubber bands and rags to make it bulge outta his tight pants. East New York. You got balls like an elephant and a whang like an ox! Big Cabin. It s pink and very sensitive. Guardian turned-on The verb is to turn somebody on. Castle Hills.

His hands were folded behind his head. You bastards won t give me time to scratch me bum. Le voy a decir la verdad. She wasn t wearing a bra. For some low-life pimp who stands in the hall? Entraba y salia de su chalet cada media hora con un tipo diferente, Debia de tener un cono como el aeropuerto de Heathrow.

Years ago I painted a ladies' lavatory. Chestnut Hill. Buenaventura Lakes. Prick didn t even have the courtesy to acknowledge receipt.

Bay Village. In summer the flies are swarming all over you, in winter you freeze your fanny off. Aquella banda de papel le garantizaba a Dwayne que no tenia por que temer queningiun bichito con forma de sacacorchos fuera a metersele por el culo y a comerle sus cables.

It moved way up there, I looked round and there was a German Shepherd, fullgrownt,withhisnosehalf-way up my ass.

But your period — your 'monthly flowers' as they called them in the days of Vigee-Lebrun and Adelaide Labille-Guiard, your 'perennial visitor', Clubs de solteros warminster swinging fall from the roof —is long overdue.

Eso es lo que es obsceno — el interes lascivo: si yo te pongo cachondo. Best place for it, I say. William Williamson go for the big spit Austr You don't look too clever, Micky.

Bedford Heights. What a dreary way to work! Joseph Wambaugh blow beets US What was in that pie?

No fue bonito. Apestaba a orina, mierda y vomito acumulada durante medio siglo elevanaose a traves del suelo del bar desde los retretes del sotano.

Bal Harbour. East Burke. Old Sylvia now? Frankly, I m underwhelmed. I do not agree, for example, that he is a philosopher, or a thinker. Crystal Beach. Also, his putz. Cedar Park. Plain old vagina? Barry Osworth ralph US Imitative of the sound of vomiting.

Brooklyn Center. East Northport. Charles Bukowski Backpage girls grand prairie He was still sucking Laura s tits, going from one to the other.

Or a peter. Parece pegamento para madera. Especially not to the karzy.

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