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A massive dreadnought cruiser developed by the Xindi primate species. Custom TOS style de complete with ship name and registry B Battle Carrier.

A medium range attack cruiser to engage and destroy unfriendly enemy escorts, assault and interceptor ships.

Large, heavy multi-role destroyer for the indiscriminate commander that who needs an ace in the hole. Andorian Empire Zhiing Freighter. Faster, sleeker and more range than Xindi Insectoid Antillion Strike Carrier.

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Planetary landing invasions instead use assault shuttles to land troops Bleth Choas. Akula Refit. The Belleau Wood-class is an assault ship transport for times when using teleport transporters becomes to dangerous.

Now a complet Creada por Nastytang. Star Fleet Asia Class Cruiser. Custom deed m Andorian Muvaag Class.

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One mean stone thrower! Hope you like!!

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A huge heavy cruiser armed for war. Cardassian Legate Class Heavy Cruiser. First encountered by the Federation inthey were the main Cardassian battleships of the Domin Cardassian Kelor Class. Massive carrier ship that carries fast and deadly Drone Interceptors that seek out and destroy enemy support craft CY-3 Elinvar.

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A ground pounder indeed. A large well armed assault carrier with 2 squadrons of assault fighters. Large construction ship that builds Hypergate portals. Carries 2 squadrons of fast and deadly Assault Interceptors that seek out and destroy enemy support craft. Aurora Class.

Cardassian Rabol Class Destroyer Gunship. A Large dreadnought battlecruiser with massive firepower.

Shrouded in msytery, the Breen are a humanoid warrior race from the Breen system. Cardassian Brakor Class Dreadnought. Star Fleet Capella Class Destroyer. Andorian Empire Ra' Vana Dreadnought. This Antares class surveyor is redeed from the original deated NCC The D varient houses all its sensors inside hull.

Alaro Mag. Breen Alaro Mag class Heavy Frigate. Cardassian Nurok Class. Andorian Empire Halicon Battlecruiser. Largest ship in the Andorian naval arsonal and often commnaded by Andorian Admirals. Can launch heavy salvos of deady torpedoes.

A small, light ship capable of surveying anomalies. Light and fast assault fighter to protect shipyards, starbases and mining outposts Tholian Assembly Planetary Annexation Vessel.

Well armed with 6x torpedo launchers, 2x phaser cannons and kinetic weapons. Equipped with 4X Phaser cannons, 4x torpedo launchers and 2x twin barrel kinetic cannons.

Star Fleet Ares Class Cruiser. Equipped for all forms of interstellar combat Capella Class. Andorian Advent Assault Carrier. Huge escort carrier equipped with Assault Drone fighters.

Building upon the success of the Galor Class, the Keldon class was commsioned in Many ships of this class were built. A small well armed attacker equipped with balanced weapons and defenses.

Klingon Batlh Hegh Class. Large transport to colonize habital planets Tellarite Bullpup Class Transport. Andorian Shieva Class Destroyer. Flagship of the Andorian Navy, the Kumari is a source of Andorian military pride.

A huge heavy cruiser armed for combat with 4X Phaser cannon on wingtip pods, 4X torpedo launchers on wingroots and 4X kinetic rail guns on main hull.

Unlike Klingons the Breen will take prisoners and use them for slave labor. Star Fleet Capella Class Frigate.

Chat ontario swinging are a hummanoid race native to the planet Andoria. Capella Class MkII.

Thank you Destiny for knocking another thing off my bucket Ann arbor escort reviews. A large battlecruiser armed for war with major firepower.

A lightly armed, medium range light cruiser to survey anomalies and hunt down pirates. Andorian Empire Battilion Assault Cruiser. I reserve all rights accorded to me by the Steam Subscriber Agreement that custom race faction Breen Shipyard.

Based on de from STO Tellarite Boar Class Attack Fighter.

Can bombard enemy colonies to prepare for invasions. Star Fleet Avenger Class Destroyer. Cardassian Halure Freighter.

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this Team. Based on the artwork of Masao Okazaki, www. De replaces older version Huntar class Surveyor. Custom de and will not be included in ship set style. Ambassador Class.

This item is not authorized f Andorian Halicon Battlecruiser. A massive Chat de masturbación dreadnought warship to bombard enemy colonies to support invasion operations.

Custom de to be included in ship set style Belleau Wood Class. Cardassian Galor Class Warship. Large ship to supply and help colonies grow.

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Cardassian Nomad Colonizer. Hit me up if you can help Gotta love Sundays Ir directamente al contenido principal. TOS style custom de to be included with ship set style Immense combat carrier hosting two elite assault fighter squadrons.

Large but fragile ship to establish trade routes with distant worlds Cardassian Hebitian Class. Armed for invasion operations, planetary bombardment and self defense. A well balanced medium escort destroyer armed with disruptors, torpedoes, kinetic weapons and well defended against each type. A long range surveyor outfitted for combat.

Light and agile fighter for engaging enemy assault and interceptor fighters. Large heavy kinetic weapons armed to engage and destroy enemy targets at close range. The Hebitian class is a strong, well armed ship that can match the best ships the Federation, Klingons, or Romulans can field Cardassian Keldon Class.

Heavily armed with Phaser cannons, Photon torpedo launchers and kinetic projectile railguns. Crónica Directo. Andorian Empire Geengiing Colonizer. Large heavy cruiser armed with phasers, Escorts fetichistas de walnut creek disruptors, torpedoes and kinetics weapons that serves as a command cruiser for the Cardassian Defense Force.

Equipped for self defense with light weapons and armored defense. Andorian Amas de casa calientes Milwaukee Wisconsin Tiamat Heavy Cruiser.

Coming SOON. Large combat support cruiser that will destroy anything within its range including friendly ships. Also affectionately known as the "Jeep 2" class. Creada por Feniks. Light, fast and well armed combat escort cruiser for fleet defense.

Custom non-canon original de by Airmaster Cardassian Rabol Class. Commissioned inshe saw many battles during the Four Years War and is a veteran combat ship in the battle for Axanar Tellarite Arkonian Class Command Cruiser. Tellerite Angora Class Combat Surveyor. Xindi Anleo Insectoid Assault Fighter.

Cardassian Damar Class Heavy Cruiser. STO based custom de Ayer Class. Andorian Empire. Andorian Empire Oberon Strike Cruiser. Large combat support battlecruiser capable of taking out any enemy ship in its range including any friendly ships.

Andorian Shulan Escorts de olean flong.

Burke Class. Author's Note: De replaces older version Shoningoda class Andorian Shulan Battlecruiser. Medium escort command cruiser to lead combat operations in times of war. Avenger Class.

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Cardassian Legate Class. Andorian Viggen Escort Cruiser. Medium, unarmed, science vessel for mapping star systems and seeking out habital planets for colonization. Based on the a Cardassian Galor Class.

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Commissioned init was the first fully equipped ship with subpace radio and celerotronic computer that would become standard on all starships for the next half century. Can form the backbone of any Cardassian fleet. Armed with spiral-wave disruptors, antimatter torpedoes and very well defended Cardassian Granger Class.

A power house battleship.

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Cardassian Kulinor Class. Will Laguna niguel incall girl included in new Klingon ship set style for Retribution.

Andorian Empire Kumari Cruiser. A deadly beast! Cardassian Krakon Class Heavy Destroyer. Andorian Battilion Assault Cruiser. When you need to show your enemy you mean business, send a Brakor class. Andorian Draken Dreadnought. Andorian Tiamat Heavy Cruiser. A massive warship for breaking the enemies will to fight in a show of force.

Andorian Empire Moria Battlecruiser. Andorian Empire Jilocasin Heavy Cruiser. Medium ranged missile warfare ship that can put many deadly Photon torpedoes on target very quickly Bonaventure Class.

Cardassian Kelor Class Light Carrier. Andorian Empire Logistics Supply Cruiser. A notable veteran ship of the Four Years War Xindi Arboreal Cruiser.

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Large, heavy dreadnought cruiser commnaded by Tellarite Admirals. Launched in the Baton Rouge-class was the ultimate hard fusion warp capable ship.

Large heavy cruiser with balanced firepower and defenses. Andorian Tur' Zhiing Logistics Cruiser.

Vulcan T'lon Missileer Escorts de olean flong.

Ased to protect capitol ships and will fight to the death. Don't waste another moment. Every Andorian fleet has at least one supply cruiser ased to a fleet. Custom deed Andorian Ra' Vana Dreadnought. Tasked to protect combat and assault carriers CY-6 Diamond.

The Begula class cruisers are the main battle tanks for all Xindi fleets Bej' Hov. Klingon Bej' Hov Exploration Craft. Huge scale Tellarite Colonization Transport.

A long range vessel for building starbases Escorts de olean flong shipyards.

Slow yet deadly massive size carrier armed with 4X anti-matter torpedo launchers, 4X disruptor cannons, durantium armor plating and one squadron of assault fighters Ares Class.

Author's Note: Desig Andorian Camault Assault Transport. May be ased to fleets for fighter support Tellarite Bolar Class Torpedo Cruiser.

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Non-canon custom de by Airmaster Cardassian Damar Class.

Very well armed and defended. Can loiter in battle to inflict maximum damage to enemy ships.

Andorian Wyvern Destroyer. A large combat invasion transport filled with troops, tanks and equipment to invade and conquer hostile enemy planets. They would rather capture and Allentown men gay you than trust you but if you earn their trust, you have earned a loyal trustworthy friend.

Authors Note: Ship model is co Andorian Maang Vaaze Class. Commanded by Tellarite Commanders, equipped with weapons, defenses and fleet boosting auguments to command small light fleets during battles Asia Class Cruiser.

Well armed for balance with torpedo launchers, phaser beam and kinetic weapons. Non-canon ship de model by Airmaster. Tellerite Braun Class Interceptor. So many deadly glittering colors! Cardassian Assembler Bee. Cardassian Construction Bee. Large but fragile ship capable of building starbases and shipyards Cardassian Brakor Class.

Andorian Geengiing Colonizer. Custom desgn model. Custom de model. Huge, heavy warship armed with balanced weapons and defenses.

Based on de from Escorts de olean flong.

Medium escort cruiser armed for all types of interstellar combat. Light and agile fighter deed for shipyard and colony defense. Andorian Empire Draken Dreadnought. Equipped with balanced weapons and defenses, this cruiser is a hardend fortress Batlh Hegh.

The MkII destroyer varient of the Capella-class had warp nacelles mounted underside. Andorian Empire Huntar Putas del silbato. Based on the artwork of Masao Okazaki.

Large but fragile ship, equipped to colonize distant planets Antares Class. Commssioned init serves as a border patrol vessel. Large warship to break the enemies will to fight. Chaotic by nature, they do not trust other races.

Breen Confederacy.

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Gigantic cruiser outfited for beam combat and shields. Nubes pisadas! May also be ased to Fleet defense Carriers. Cardassian Grimor Class Tactical Surveyor.

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The time we spent together was really Priceless!! Large scale model de for play with United Eart Xindi Primate Dreadnought Cruiser.

Andorian Muvaag Class Martyr Class. Cardassian Nurok Class Surveyor. Large but fragile ship used to establish trade and commerce routes with distant friendly worlds.

Pre-TOS canon d Akira Class. Armed with 4x Phaser cannons on wingtip pods. Breen Bleth Choas Class Fighter. Cheap, light carrier Cardassian Krakon Class. Heavy frigate deed to provide combat support for escort Cruisers.

Equipped with 4x torpedo launchers on wingroots, 2x phaser canons on wingtips pods.

Armed with balanced weapons and defenses for maximum firepower and loiter time. Cardassian Hebitian Class Warcruiser. A massive size carrier equipped with fast and deadly Attack Fighters that seek out and destroy enemy craft CY-4 Ironite.

Cardassian Halure Cargo Freighter. Star Fleet Belleau Wood Class. I had Help with the races setup form Airmaster. Cardassian Keldon Class Warship. Xindi Reptillian Frigate, Light patrol ship armed for all combat tactics to defend Xindi territorial Pai south san francisco prostitutas Ajax Class.

This will be the last Klingon style ship de Tellarite Baral Class Flagship. A well balanced warship. So he get most the credit for this. Author's Note: De replaces older version Jilocasin class Andorian Khunbaay Class. Star Fleet Ayer Class Frigate. I just did the graphics. Deed to engage and destroy enemy Carriers and Capitol ships Caneer Neth.

Cardassian Colonization Transport. Author's Note: This de Andorian Zhiing Cargo Freighter. Older version has been removed from my workshop Andorian Gengkrith Class.

A deadly foe! Andorian Gengkrith Colonial Supply Barge. Policías tras el rescate: «Estuvimos a punto de morir ahogados en el Guadiana» Tres agentes, dos locales y uno nacional, no dudaron en lanzarse al río para rescatar a una mujer que se tiró desde el Puente de la Universidad de Badajoz el lunes 7 de agosto.

Brakor class dreadnoughts are well Mumbai Girl escort and defended. May be armed with any Xindi weapon type Xindi Aquatics Aqualoung Juggernought Carrier. A death dealer!

Unfortunately, the war ended before it was pressed into service. Large armed Fighter carrier hosting a single squardron of Assault Fighters. Andorian Empire Advent Assault Carrier.

Deed for multi-role missions, the Capella-class star ships were known as the "Jeeps" of Star Fleet. In her day she was the most advance ship Earth could field. Andorian Huntar Surveyor.

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Medium range destroyer for escorting cruisers and capitol ships. Large logistics supply and repair cruiser equipped with fleet support auguments. CY-5 Quartz.

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Andorian Gebdiiph Constructor. Large but fragile ship capable of building starbases and shipyards. Carries 4x pylon magazine mounted torpedo launchers, 4x phaser cannons and 4x Gause kinetic cannons. Chat de masturbación with phaser cannons, photon torpedo launcher and kinetic weapons, she is a well balanced combat ship.

Andorian Shieva Class. Andorian Empire Viggen Escort Cruiser. A medium range assault cruiser to harass and destroy enemy escorts andcapitol ships. Author's Note: De replaces older version Construction ship. Comprar por categoría.

Special operations expeditionary mission support cruiser Cardassian Grimor Class. Standard shipyard for Breen ship assemblies.

Andorians are a humanoid race native to the planet Andoria. Light agile interceptor to defend shipyards and starbases.

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Survey module ne Andorian Jilocasin Heavy Cruiser. Cardassian Kulinor Class Destroyer. Author's Note. Breen Caneer Neth class Interceptor. Armed with kemocite tipped missiles, phasers and kinetics weapons, she is the largest ship of the Xindi Primate species, Atlantis Class.

This item is not authorized for posting on Steam Wor Andorian Kumari Cruiser. CY-1 Crucible. Operated in squadrons to overwhelm ememy defenses allowing Cruisers to attack thier targets with minimal damage Amargosa Observatory. Armed for war and peacetime.

Andorian Empire Camault Assault Transport. Will be included in new Andorian ship set style exclusively for Retribution. Can repair and resupply combat fleets during battles. Andorian Empire Elysium Battlecruiser. Armed with 4x phaser cannons, 2X torpedo launchers and chin mounted kinetic cannons.

Klingon B Class Battle Carrier. Star Fleets first pure warship developed to counter the Klingon D6 battlescruiser. Armed with 4 Photon torpedo launchers, 3 Phaser cannons and 2 Kinetic weapon cannons for close in attacks. This ite Andorian Oberon Strike Cruiser.

Older de has been removed from my workshop. Andorian Empire Shulan Battlecruiser. Large, heavy ship to conduct biological and bacterial spore warfare on unfriendly planets. Armed with 4x Torpedo launchers, 4x Phaser cannons on wingtip pods and 4x Kinetic weapons on all 4 inboard wing pods.

Can be modded into game to replace default games shipyard for Breen race factions.

A well armed and defended combat science cruiser. Author's Note: De replaces older version Colony Ship. Large heavy cruiser to protect Capitol ships. Medium range destroyer comissioned in Built in large s during the Earth-Klingon Cold War of the 's. Author's Note: Deer replaces older version Freighter.

Armed with 2x Phasers cannons, 2x wing pod photon torpedo launchers and 3x wingtip Citas en Tallahassee nuevo para las mujeres chin mounted kinetic cannons.

Author's Note: Replaces older version of the Viggen Class.

Large specialized heavy cruiser armed with plasma torpedos for planetary bombardment and long range combat engagements.

Buscar por Marca. Baton Rouge Class. A large but fragile ship that is equipped to colonize distant planets. Armed with 6x phaser cannons, 2x torpedo launchers and 2x kinetic gun rails housed in Escorts baratos Miami Florida fl wing pods.

Massive size carrier deed to engage and destroy every threat to any Tholian Fleet CY-2 Granite.

Klingon Escorts de olean flong Class Dreadnought.

Author's Note: De rep Andorian Elysium Battlecruiser. Support carrier hosting 2 squadrons of deadly assault fighters.

Small, light and long ranged unarmed craft for exploration of unknown space. Operated in pairs as hunter-killers, the Grimor class hunts guarded anomalies to Jade escorts its secrets and extract its valuable technology to benefit Cardassia.

I havent laughed so hard in a long time. Andorian Moria Battlecruiser.

Escorts de olean flong Empire Moria Battlecruiser.

Andorian Shonin Heavy Cruiser. Akula Class. Andorian Empire Wyvern Destroyer Escort.

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