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Waterview heights mt sex chat

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I'd like to find someone to hang out with, someone whose company I enjoy and who enjoys me, waterview

Waterview heights mt sex chat I Looking For Adult Hookers

There are so many fun things to do in Seattle, and I don't always have someone to me. Yes, I know about Meet-ups.

I attend those sometimes. But that's not really fulfilling my desires.

Yes, I have friends. Male, female, single, married - and all manner in between! Let's go for a hike or walk, chat rooms gay free, visit the - and any or all of the special events that come to town at Jazz Alley or Snoqualmie or. m

I'm not always busy; I love my down time and alone time. But when it's time to get out, I like the company of a great person!

The most important things for me are: 1 You must be smart, college-educated.